Single Surgeon Single Incision Laparoscopic Gynaecological S
Introduction: Single incision laparoscopic gynaecological surgery (SILS) has been recognized to be a safe and feasible approach in well-selected gynaecological procedures such as adnexal surgeries, myomectomies and hysterectomies. With the advent of new instruments and improvement of surgical techniques, SILS is likely to become one of the mainstream laparoscopic techniques for appropriately selected gynaecological surgeries.

Objective: We aim to explore the feasibility of performing a single surgeon SILS (solo SILS) in a 46 year old nulliparous woman with a 6 cm right ovarian endometriotic cyst.

Methodology: Coupled with the use of a self-retaining laparoscope holding system and the uterus maintained in fixed uterine anteversion by using a curette and volsellum tied together with a piece of gauze, clamped down with sponge forceps to the operating table, the surgery was completed in 76 minutes with minimal blood loss.

Results: Post-operatively the patient recovered well and was discharged on the same day. At three month’s post­operative review, she was particularly pleased with the cosmetic outcome and had recovered fully.

Conclusion: This case report illustrated the plausibility of performing solo SILS in appropriately selected patients who are likely to obtain maximum benefits through such an approach. Benefits of solo SILS include excellent cosmesis to patients, shorter recovery time and improved ergonomics for the performing surgeon....
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