Sinus Tarsi Approach is Safe for Acute Fixation of Displaced
A Study was conducted to analyze the correlation between surgical timing and outcomes for calcaneus fractures treated using a sinus tarsi approach (STA).

70 consecutive intra-articular calcaneus fractures treated operatively using STA with a minimum of 1-year follow-up were included.

--Patients were primarily men (68.6%) averaging 46 years. (27%) were obese, (38.6%) were smokers, and (4.3%) were diabetic, and (14.3%) had open fractures.

--Sanders III fracture patterns were most common (45.7%). Mean time to surgery was 4.9 days.

--3 patients developed postoperative infections requiring surgical debridement and antibiotics. 40 patients underwent operative repair within 72 hours of injury, 9 of which had open fractures. Of this group, only 1 patient developed wound necrosis.

--Restoration of Bohler angle and angle of Gissane and reductions in calcaneal varus angle and heel width were achieved.

--No differences in Ankle Society ankle and hindfoot or Patient-reported Outcomes Measurement System scores were noted between patients treated within or beyond 72 hours from injury.

Finally, intra-articular calcaneus fractures can be treated immediately utilizing STA within 72 hours of damage with minimal wound complications and no compromise in short-term functional result.