Sleep habits and pattern in 1-14 years old children and rela
Sleep in childhood and adolescence is crucial for mental and physical health; however several researches reported an increasing trend towards a sleep deprivation in this age. Due to the lack of recent epidemiological studies in Italy, the aim of our study was to depict sleep habits and patterns in Italian children aged 1–14 years and to evaluate their relationships with video devices use (TV, tablet, smartphone, PC) and evening/night child activities.

A structured interview was conducted during 2015 by 72 Family Pediatricians in 2030 healthy children aged 1–14 years by a cross-sectional survey named “Ci piace sognare”. Total sleep duration was calculated, 2015 National Sleep Foundation Recommendations were used as reference. Optimal sleepers were defined children sleeping in own bed all night without awakenings. Multivariable median regression was performed to identify predictors of sleep duration and multivariable logistic regression for predictors of optimal sleep.

Total sleep duration and numbers of awakenings decreased with age. Only 66.9% of children had sleep duration in agreement with Recommendations (50% in 10–14 years group). Before sleeping 63.5% of children used video devices (39.6% at 1–3 years), 39.1% read, 27.5% drank and 19.5% ate. Bottle users at bedtime were 30.8% at 1–3 years, 16.6% at 3–5 years and 4.9% at 5–7 years. Overall, 23.4% of children changed sleeping place during the night, 22.4% referred sleeping problems in the first year of life...