‘Smart Shirt’ May Help Monitor Breathing For Patients With C
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"Researchers have developed a novel way to monitor breathing using a “smart shirt”, a wearable that can record important parameters of breathing by sensing subtle movements of the chest and abdomen.

The research team tested the smart shirt in healthy volunteers, where it proved to be as accurate as traditional testing equipment used in the office setting to evaluate patients with lung disease.

The smart shirt, connected to a mobile phone-based app, was able to consistently and reliably record breathing parameters of lung function in healthy persons engaging in their everyday activities.

The next step is to evaluate the shirt in patients with chronic lung disease (COPD) to see if the wearable can alert healthcare providers to acute signs of deterioration in lung function that warrant intervention, such as an office visit, or trip to the emergency department.

The research was presented today at the European Respiratory Society International Congress in Madrid, Spain. The smart shirt, equipped with specialized sensors, is the brainchild of the company, Hexoskin. The shirt expands as the patient breathes and assesses the volume of air they inhale and exhale.

Data gathered by the shirt–combined with heart rate and movement data— produced quite similar measurements to the face mask and backpack equipment traditionally used to measure lung function.

Hexoskin, if proven to be as accurate as traditional lung monitoring equipment in further trials, may offer a clear advance for patients with chronic lung disease. Most importantly, the shirt can be worn under clothes and can be paired with a smartphone app for hidden monitoring.

""COPD is a growing problem with around 64 million people suffering with the condition worldwide,” said Dr. Denise Mannée of Radboud University Medical Centre in The Netherlands in a press release. “When patients suffer an increase in their symptoms, such as coughing and breathlessness, they need to be monitored more closely.”

“Symptoms first occur during daily activities like climbing stairs and housework, but respiration is hard to monitor in such conditions,” Mannée continued. “This is traditionally done in the clinic with equipment such as an exercise bike, facemask and computer, but the equipment is not very practical for measuring everyday activity.”

""Smart shirts are already available, but they tend to be used by professional or amateur sportsmen and women; we wanted to see whether a smart shirt could provide an accurate and more practical alternative for measuring lung function,"" she added."

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/robertglatter/2019/09/30/smart-shirt-may-help-monitor-breathing-for-patients-with-chronic-lung-disease/#454737411a4c
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