Smart Vaccination, Not Mass Jabs, A Better Strategy to Fight
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Smart vaccination in the case of Covid-19 pandemic makes for smarter public health choice than mass vaccination, finds a latest study by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). The mathematical modelling-based analysis by the ICMR was published in a British Medical Journal.

The study supports a focus on vulnerable or priority group. In a situation when vaccine supply is insufficient to cover all priority groups, model projections suggest that after key workers, priority should be accorded to all who are above 60 and subsequently individuals with co-morbidities. The analysis underlines that challenges that are particularly pressing in a country as large as India would persist even after more vaccine candidates are available.

Vaccination rollout should prioritize those most at risk of severe outcomes of infection, it says. The analysis shows vaccine with 60% efficacy covering all priority groups would reduce peak symptomatic incidence of Covid-19 by 20.6% and total deaths by 29.7%.

A similar infection-preventing vaccine with the ability to prevent symptoms, but not an infection, will reduce peak incidence of symptomatic cases by 10.4% and cumulative mortality by 32.9%.

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I don' t think we can risk a scenario like the second wave where several people between 20-60 lost their lives which was not predicted before the said period. Everyone' s a vulnerable population as shown in the last few weeks. Prioritizing vulnerable populations might mean risking the apparently healthier population, essentially reducing their life span.
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