Smartphone Measures Hemoglobin Levels in Photos of Eyelids
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Anemia is properly diagnosed using a blood test that measures hemoglobin, but simply looking behind a patient’s eyelid can be a pretty good alternative if you know how red the tissue is supposed to be.

A new technology that lets a clinician use smartphone pictures of the inner eyelid to automatically obtain surprisingly accurate results of blood hemoglobin levels, developed by Purdue University.

The new technique relies on super-resolution spectroscopy to convert smartphone photos into high-resolution spectral maps.

An additional algorithm then reads these spectral signals and turns them into hemoglobin counts. This algorithm was created by training it using eyelid photos and hemoglobin counts of dozens of individual patients presenting at a hospital in Kenya.

“This technology won’t replace a conventional blood test, but it gives a comparable hemoglobin count right away and is noninvasive and real-time,” said Young Kim, an associate professor of biomedical engineering at Purdue and lead author of the study appearing in journal Optica.

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Interesting read! Observant Doctors will remember that Clinically too we can assess the level of anemia by assessing visually different sites on the body such as Conjunctiva,Tongue,Palm Creases etc. This technology,although quite interesting,is a Clever extension of this well known Clinical fact.
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