Smartphone Use Connected to More Severe Headaches
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Smartphone use in patients with primary headaches is connected to more medication use and less pain relief, according to a new study published in Neurology Clinical Practice by author Deepti Vibh, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.

Investigators found 96% of patients with headache who used smartphones took pain relievers compared to 81% of their counterparts with headache who did not use smartphones.
Furthermore, smartphone users reported they received less pain relief from analgesics vs those who did not use smartphones — with 84% of smartphone users reporting moderate or complete relief of headache pain vs 94% of non-users.

To determine the association between smartphone use and worsening of headache,

-- Investigators identified 400 patients aged ≥ 14 years with primary headache, which includes migraine, tension headache, and other headache types.
-- Participants were divided into two groups — non-smartphone users (NSUs) and smartphone users (SUs).
-- SUs were further subdivided, with those who scored 0 to 1 on the smartphone addiction questionnaire defined as "low SUs," and those who scored ≥1 defined as "high SUs."

Result ---- Of the 400 participants, 194 were NSUs and 206 were SUs. Most NSUs (n = 130) were using feature phones, while 76 were not using any phone.

"While these results need to be confirmed with larger and more rigorous studies, the findings are concerning, as smartphone use is growing rapidly and has been linked to a number of symptoms, with headache being the most common," says Author.

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