Smartphone application alerts for early trauma team activati
Data access through smartphone applications (apps) has reframed procedure and policy in healthcare. Citizen is a free app that provides real-time alerts curated from 911 dispatch data.

The primary objective was to determine whether app alerts occurred earlier than recorded times for trauma team activation and emergency department arrival.

Trauma registry entries were extracted from a level one urban trauma center and compared with app metadata from the center catchment area. They matched entries to metadata according to description, date, time, and location then compared metadata timestamps to trauma team activation and emergency department arrival times. They computed the percentage of time the app reported traumatic events earlier than trauma team activation or emergency department arrival along with an exact binomial 95% confidence interval; median differences between times were presented along with interquartile ranges.

Of 3,684 trauma registry entries, 209 matched app metadata.
- App alerts were earlier for 96.1% and 96.2% of trauma team activation and emergency department arrival times, respectively, with events reported median 36 minutes earlier than trauma team activation and 32 minutes earlier than emergency department arrival.

- Registry entries for younger males, motor vehicle-related injuries, and penetrating traumas were more likely to match alerts.

In summary, apps like Citizen may provide earlier notification of traumatic events and therefore earlier mobilization of trauma service resources. Earlier notification may translate into improved patient outcomes.