Social Media Strategies in Healthcare
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Social Media Strategies in Healthcare

Social media has become an integral part of many healthcare organizations’ marketing and communications strategies. Social media is no longer “optional”. In order to engage with patients on the platforms they use the most, social networking and advertising are critical components of the overarching marketing strategy of the organisation. 

Social Media and Healthcare - how do they mesh?

Using social media helps healthcare organisations manage the face of the organisation as seen by patients on a day to day basis. When patients make decisions on the facility to use or the doctor to consult, these continuous cues drive the subconscious thought and help build preferences. What does this lead to?

       ~ Higher loyalty among patients who know you
       ~ Engagement within your previous, current and future patients
       ~ A very strong and real time feedback loop that helps you uncover shortcomings
       ~ Credible employer branding that helps your recruit faster - better team equals more patients!

According to a report by PwC, 80 percent of Internet users have searched for health information online, and 60 percent of social media users trust social media posts by doctors over any other group. This is definitely a trend you cannot miss.

Click here to read the full report

You want to build your digital presence - how do you start?

We have distilled a few ideas that can help you get started on building a healthcare brand that patients prefer. They are based on our long-time experience in digital marketing and are some of the first steps you can take:

1. Build a beautiful online presence: Make sure your social media properties have the right content. Make sure that your name, logo, cover image are modern and in sync with your brand. Do add a detailed address and working hours so that patients know when and where to reach you.
2. Promote on healthcare specific sub-communities on knowledge platforms like Quora: Patients today are curious and search on these platforms before making a decision. Be present and offer high-quality advice to build reputation.

3. Educate your patients: Use your twitter/facebook/instagram handles to frequently post information that helps potential patients understand their ailments. This helps you boost your authority and gain popularity and earn top-of-mind recall.
4. Use #Hashtags to be a part of conversations: Use relevant hashtags to get the most out of your social media interactions. Hashtags act as bookmarks, link conversations and help people categorise information.
5. Helping patients using Motivational Content: Especially in the face of progressive diseases such as cancer, patients and their family members could often use a dose of inspiration and motivation. 
6. User Generated Content Speaks: Sometimes the best way to highlight your practice is by letting others do the talking. Through user-generated content, you can provide an unfiltered view of what your practice looks like from the eyes of your patients. 

When patients are using the internet to take control of their own health, you as a provider need to step up and take control of your brand as it is seen by patients. Getting started is easy and not as expensive as social media consultants make it seem. We hope this mini-primer helps you in kick-starting some digital initiatives at your clinic or hospital. Please feel free to comment/message if you wish to know more about any of this.

Note: We are conducting a live webinar on managing your social media presence on Sunday 5th July at 4:30 PM. Do let us know if you wish to attend. You can also register directly here:


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