Social media de-addiction clinics to be set up by KGMU, Luck
King George Medical University (KGMU), following the steps of National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), is setting up 'Social media de-addiction' clinics in Lucknow.

The Psychiatry department of KGMU will run the clinics; targeting adolescents. It shall render counseling for addiction to social media platforms & online games to the age-group.

'Owing to massive usage of various social media tools /platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, mobile games and Instagram, no. of people are suffering from mental disorders that include adolescent children.' says Head of KGMU's psychiatry department - Professor PK Dalal.

NIMHANS, Bengaluru started 'SHUT clinic', an abbreviation for 'Service for Healthy Use of Technology' 4 years ago that has met with a positive response in the state.

Professor BN Gangadhar, Director of NIMHANS had suggested the opening of 'SHUT'clinics at all major and prominent institutes during his recent visit to Lucknow and KGMU has followed the lead.

The HoD of Psychiatric dept., KGMU also remarked that the clinics shall be not named as 'SHUT' clinics and rather will be conferred with some other name.

The Psychiatry dept. aims to open counseling centres in various schools and colleges to fight the adverse impact of social media in the future.

This positive step by KGMU, Lucknow aims to curb the adverse effect of social media & games among children, keeping in view of recent events of addiction. Share your views on the move by KGMU in the 'Comment' section below!

Source: PTI
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Proud to know that such initiative is being taken by our university
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