Solitary cysticercus in the right temporalis muscle: case re
Solitary cysticercus localized to the head and neck musculature is an unusual form of presentation of cysticercosis. Since it is rare and has non-specific manifestations, it can present a diagnostic challenge to the clinician.

The patient was a 16-year-old female who presented with a gradually increasing, painful swelling over the right temple region of 6-month duration.

Ultrasound and computed tomography scan revealed the presence of a solitary cysticercus in the right temporalis muscle.

Surgical excision of the lesion was combined with a 4-week course of the anti-helminthic drug, Albendazole. The patient had a satisfactory resolution of symptoms and there was no recurrence in a follow-up period of 3 years.

Doctors suggest that cysticercosis should be considered as one of the possibilities in the differential diagnosis of swellings in the maxillofacial region, especially in the endemic areas. Imaging studies play an important role in the confirmation of the diagnosis.

Journal of Surgical Case Reports
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