Some practical tips for Doctors when patients relatives come
Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi
Some practical tips for Doctors when patients relatives come to attack you

1. If they are shouting out your name and you feel they don't recognize you, then join them in the mob and start shouting your name as if you are looking to beat yourself. It is the safest place. (Make sure you remove your steth, coat and any name badge, duh!)

2. Show an injection, people are scared of injections since childhood. Thanks to all parents for your contribution.

3. Act as if you have recognized someone from the agitated relatives as an old friend from school "Arrey Deepak, tu? Kaisa hai bey" one in five Indians is Deepak. If girl try Deepika. Confusion always reduces anger.

4. Start singing the national anthem till help arrives or play it on your phones. If anyone moves they would be looked at as anti-nationals and they would be more entitled to the beating based on priority.

5. Show them my comedy video They will leave you and come looking for me. I will be stuck somewhere in Bangalore traffic. By the time they find me, it would take so long, that they would have other issues to worry about, like finding parking.

You are welcome!
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