Soon, Govt Hospitals to work out of private medical colleges
To improve healthcare services, the Telangana state health department has come up with a plan to rope in private medical colleges and allow using their infrastructure for running government hospitals. The department is currently in talks with 20 private medical colleges for the same.

Talking to TOI, health minister Etala Rajender said, “students in private colleges get admission on the basis of merit (clearing NEET exams), and each of the 20 colleges we are in touch with have an attached hospital, professors, associate professors and assistant professors. So, instead of the previous plan of setting up new government hospitals in four corners of the city, we are hoping to use the existing facility at private colleges, as it will be less time-consuming.”

While some of the private colleges are seeking service charges to extend the facility, the state government is trying to convince them to offer the service for free. The plan is aimed at reducing the huge patient load at the tertiary healthcare centres— Gandhi Hospital, Osmania General Hospital, Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) and Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital (MGM) in Warangal. “Each of these hospitals are currently catering to 150-200% of their capacity. There has been a 30-40% increase in out-patients at these hospitals in the last four years,” he said.

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Dr. M●●●●h B●●●t
Dr. M●●●●h B●●●t Dentistry
If they had thinked a bit deep about it. They can take help of the private dental colleges which would definitely be providing such facilities and can curb the upcoming problem even better by allowing bridge course as a flexible medical education reform.
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Dr. S●●●●●v S●●●●●1 Obstetrics and Gynaecology
This is probably the most appropriate action at this moment as the Private medical colleges having a' ll the infrastructure are lacking in no.of cases whereas the government run institutions are overflooded with patients. Hence a long term plan should be outlined so that it' s beneficial to the government without hampering the interest of the Private medical colleges as they have invested a hefty amount according to MCI norms. Private practice must be strictly banned and doctors must remain within 8 kms or 10 kms radius strictly which has to be ensured at the time of giving appointments.... Read more
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Dr. S●●●●●m S●●●●y P●●●●●l
Dr. S●●●●●m S●●●●y P●●●●●l Family Medicine
I see. So we truly wish to make doctors as poor as possible. I am not blind to the crisis of the disparity between pt and govt hospitals,instead of upgrading gvt hospitals,the pvt is supposed to do everything for free? Ok great!! Am I the only person who is looking at this the way it is? So all other professions can go about doing public service and be well funded,have pensions,no capping for offering services,no accountability-Only Doctors are supposed to have non permanent posts,no pensions,no funding,costly medical educatio,no pay commisions,no security either job or physically? Amazing! Please correct me wherever I am wrong. I do wish I am wrong.... Read more
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