Soy sauce poisoning
Prerna Gupta
Soy sauce poisoning
At birthday party,a teenage boy accepted a challenge and drank a quart of soy sauce.
He first started twitching,and then had seizures and eventually landed up in coma.Doctors diagnosed him with hypernatremia ,or dangerous levels of salt in blood stream.
One quart of sauce contain approx 150gms of sodium. Excess sodium in the bloodstreampulls water out nearby tissue by a prosses called osmosis,which equalizes concentration of salt across the cell. Hypernatremia can extract so much water from the brain that it starts to shrink and bleed.
It took 5hrs and 1.5 gallons of sugar and water for doctors to to get sodium levels back to normal.
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Of Course Nice -done!-In Body equillibrium Of Blood Biochemistry Very Importan As-Sugr,Water,Sodium,Potassium,Calcium,Mg.-Diagnose By Check(1)Sweating Or Dry Skin(2)Pulse(3)BP(4)ECG-ALL CHECK-UP WITHIN SHORT POSSIBLE..!- Dr Ramakishan Soni,Pr.Sp.Radiodiagnosis&Sr;.Physcian
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