Spacing Increase Covisheild's efficiency?
Sowmya ?
Spacing Increase Covisheild's efficiency?
Can someone explain how the efficacy of Covisheild vaccine is increased on spacing? What's the mechanism?

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Dr. J●●●●●i P●●●l
Dr. J●●●●●i P●●●l Physiotherapy
Dear Dr Sowmya, Please checkout the below link: Thanks, Team PlexusMD
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S●●●●a ?
S●●●●a ? General Medicine
I accept the research but what' s the mechanism of increase in efficacy
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Dr. D●●●●i S●●h
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Scientific evidence suggests that protection is enhanced if the 2nd dose of COVISHIELD is administered between 6-8 weeks, but not later than the stipulated period of 8 weeks Previous trials have shown that an extended interval of up to 12 weeks demonstrated greater efficacy, which was also supported by immunogenicity data
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