'Spaghetti sign' in upper urinary tract hemorrhage: a case s
The “spaghetti sign” is recognized as a radiological sign of upper urinary tract hemorrhage. The sign was first described in the urinary bladder during intravenous urography, but it has subsequently been described on retrograde pyelography and in the urographic phase of contrast CT.

Published in the West African Journal of Radiology, the authors report the observation of the “spaghetti sign” in the bladder on ultrasonography and on Magnetic Resonance Urography (MRU), modalities in which the sign has not been previously described.

The authors suggest that the observations may provide a useful guide when ultrasonography and/or MRU are employed in the search for the source of massive hematuria. The authors also report two additional cases of hematuria in whom the “spaghetti sign” is demonstrated in the urographic phase of contrast CT.

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