Spindle Cell Carcinoma of the Tongue: A Case Report and Revi
Spindle cell carcinoma (SpCC) is a rare variety of squamous cell carcinoma with aggressive behaviour in which usually upper aerodigestive tract is affected.[1,2] It accounts for almost 3% of all the SCCs in the head and neck region mainly involving larynx, hypopharynx and the mucous surface of oral cavity, but the SpCC of the tongue is very rare.[3] It usually occurs in men (85%), during sixth to eighth decade of life.[3,4] It is usually associated with cigarette smoking, alcohol abuse, or any prior history of radiation.[2,4] We are hereby presenting a case report of spindle cell carcinoma of tongue in a male of 40 years old.

Case Report
A 40 year old gentleman presented with complain of ulcer on right lateral border of tongue for 2months progressive increasing in size associated with difficulty in chewing for 2 months and is not associated with bleeding from the lesion. Patient had a history of chronic tobacco chewing. There was no past history of tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus or any other chronic illness. MRI of face and neck was suggestive of welldefined lesion of 3.1*2.2*2.2cm on lateral aspect of
anterior two-third of right side of tongue....