Spontaneous adrenal hematoma in pregnancy: a case report
Spontaneous adrenal hematoma in pregnancy is a very rare condition. Published in the journal Medicine, the authors present an additional rare case of unilateral spontaneous adrenal hematoma in a pregnant woman, aiming to share this experience and summarize the signal characteristics of simple adrenal hematoma in MRI.

A 28-year old pregnant woman was referred to our hospital with a vague paroxysmal left-side back pain at 17 weeks of gestation. MR scan of the abdomen revealed an 8.1 × 7.7 × 6.8 cm round mass in the left adrenal region, which showed a rim of acute hemorrhage signal.

Due to the stable condition of the patient and fetus, she was admitted for observation. Repeat MR scan was performed a month later, and it showed a stable mass with marginal subacute bleeding signal.

Laparoscope excision of the hematoma was performed. Simple adrenal hematoma was confirmed by pathological examinations. And the patient was discharged 3 days later with normal renal and adrenal functions.

Key takeaways:-
-The most important characteristic of adrenal hematoma is the high-signal rim on T1-weighted MR images, and the clinicians should make individualized treatment plan for every patient encountered in the future who might have different clinical conditions.

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