Spontaneous duodenal perforation in a neonate: A rare case r
Spontaneous duodenal perforation in neonates (SDPN) is a rare surgical emergency. Only few cases have been reported occurring at the second part of the posterior part of duodenum. The author presents such a rare case of SDPN in a healthy female neonate managed successfully at a tertiary care institute.

A 30 day old female baby born by full term vaginal delivery with a birth weight of 3.15 kg to a gravid 3, para 2 mother was referred to us with abdominal distention for 10 days. She was clinically asymptomatic for the immediate 20 days postnatally. She developed progressive abdominal distention with excessive cry and poor feeding for 10 days.

She was evaluated in the local hospital with roentgenography and sonography, which were suggestive of a choledochal cyst. However, on kocherization of the duodenum, a tiny duodenal perforation of size 0.4 cm × 0.3 cm in the posteromedial aspect of the second part of the duodenum was found, with minimal local spillage of the bile in the lesser sac, which was contained

Source: Journal of clinical neonatology

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