Spontaneous retropharyngeal emphysema postendodontic Rx
The present case has been reported in the journal Endodontology.

A 64-year-old male patient reported to the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics with pain in lower anterior teeth for 1 week, on clinical examination, it was noted that both 33 and 43 would have to undergo root canal therapy.

During the procedure, high-speed airotor handpiece (Sybron Endo T3 mini) was used for access opening, which was followed by biomechanical preparation with rotary instruments (ProTaper universal) and finally intracanal medication of calcium hydroxide iodoform paste was placed. The patient was on the process of being discharged when the operator noticed swelling in the neck, cheek, and the infraorbital region on the right side of face.

On examination, the swelling was noted in the submandibular region, the anterior part of the neck and the supraclavicular fossa. Although the patient had no specific complaints reported with mild discomfort while swallowing and difficulty on breathing. His trachea was not deviated, and there was no evidence of airway obstruction. Pulse, blood pressure, and heart sounds were normal. Subcutaneous crepitus was palpable over the neck, chest, and right cheek.

Radiograph (lateral neck) revealed the presence of subcutaneous emphysema in the submandibular region, neck, and upper chest. The patient was admitted for observation, and prophylactic antibiotics were administered (Augmentin Duo 625 BD), during 5 days patient recovered smoothly. The patient was discharged with complete resolution of the swelling and any associated symptoms.

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