Star of India: Dr. Varsha S Puranik to represent India at As
Dr. Varsha S Puranik, a roller skater from Mysuru, will be representing the country at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang, Indonesia, being held from August 18 to September 2. She is the only woman from Mysuru to have been selected for the Asian Games.

Dr. Varsha, 30, started skating at the age of three, and ice skating at the age of 18. In a short time, she set a record in speed inline skating and ice skating. A doctor by profession, she is presently working as a consultant with Cauvery Institute of Health Science, while also rigorously training seven hours a day.

Talking about her journey with City Express, she says, "My mother enrolled me for skating classes when I was three. I was the youngest athlete to represent Karnataka at the National Roller Skating Championship after just one year of training. I feel proud representing Karnataka, and want to win a gold."

The Government of Karnataka awarded her with an Ekalavya Award in 2013.


- Varsha represented Karnataka at 21 national championships up to 2017, and has won 44 gold medals, 17 silver medals and six bronze medals at the national championships (Speed Skating) organized by Roller Skating Federation of India (RSFI).

- She represented Karnataka at four national ice skating championships, for which she trained in Jammu and Kashmir during winter. She has won four golds and one bronze. Recently, she was ranked 13th for ice skating at the eighth Asian Winter Games in Japan.

- Dr. Varsha has represented India at three world championships - five Asian Championships; two Asian Games (Summer and Winter); one World Games and Skating Championship in Venezuela in 2003. She has won a bronze at the 10th Asian Games in Taiwan in 2001, defeating Japanese contestants. She also represented India at the World Games in Cali, Columbia, in 2010.

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So proud of you Varsha ?????? All the best for the big stage and Godspeed to you ?✌ Am sure you will stand tall on the podium!
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