Startup Nobio gets FDA nod for antibacterial dental fillings
The Israeli startup Nobio Ltd., a developer of particles that can kill germs on contact, said it has received US Food and Drug Administration approval to market its antibacterial material for dental fillings. The approval gives Nobio access to the $1.4 billion dental materials market, CEO Yoram Ashery said, forecasting that the first products will reach the market at the end of the year or the start of the next year and bring in revenues for the four-year old company.

More than 200 million tooth restorations are performed each year in the US alone, many to replace existing fillings that deteriorate due to bacteria that penetrates the tooth-restoration interface, which is a common site of recurrent decay. Tooth decay affects over 90% of the adult population and more than 40% of children in developed countries.

Nobio has used the anti-microbial particles it has developed to create two products, Infinix Flowable Composite and Bulk Fill Flow Composite, both of which have received the FDA marketing nod. They provide advanced, anti-bacterial material made from insoluble polymers and are designed to remain in the teeth for decades.

Once germs settle on a surface they grow rapidly and colonize the area by creating a glue-like matrix called biofilm, which makes the bacteria 1,000 times more resistant to antibiotics, disinfectants and the immune system. Biofilm can be found on medical devices placed in bodies — contact lenses, dental fillings, implants and catheters.