Stressed & Overworked: AIIMS doctors want psychologists for
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"We have a case of at least one complete suicide of a doctor every year at AIIMS. The number of suicide attempt cases could be way higher," says Dr Snehil Gupta, a senior resident doctor of psychiatry. Dr Snehil is the Vice President of Resident Doctors' Association (RDA) of India's premier All India Institute of Medical Science.

The Resident Doctors’ Association (RDA), AIIMS, has written to the Director requesting the appointment of at least five counselling psychologists as well as setting up a 24-hour helpline for doctors who are in distress. They are pressing the need for a promotive, preventive and curative mental health among doctors as well as students to withstand work related stress...
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Stress to not only doctors but also for everyone can be eliminated by doing some yoga and breathing exercises like pranayama and meditation they are booster doses give instant energy to tackle stress
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@Dr Rajappa...when do find the time during your residency for yoga and pranayama
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In Labour laws the duration of work and equal pay for equal work is mandated.A seperate laws for doctors working conditions and pay parity is long awaited to avoid harassment over work and stress leading at times to suicide.All doctors association should take up the matter with govt.especially since ESMA is also applied. This is a serious matter for working conditions of doctors if society demands best services . Regards Prof Col Dr M Azam MD LLB MBA PhD ... Read more
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