Stroke Risk Before and After Central Retinal Artery Occlusio
A Study was conducted to determine the risk of stroke, transient ischemic attack (TIA), and transient monocular vision loss (TMVL) before and after a central retinal artery occlusion (CRAO).

Patients living in Olmsted County with a diagnosis code of CRAO were reviewed. New CRAOs were confirmed and stroke, TIA, and TMVL events in the 15 days before and after CRAO were recorded.

--89 patients with a CRAO were identified providing an annual incidence of 2.58/100,000.

--Median age at the time of CRAO was 76 years old (56.2% were male and 89.9% of the cohort was white).

--In the 15 days before and after CRAO, there were 2 ischemic strokes (2.2%), 1 hemorrhagic stroke (1.1%), 2 TIAs (2.2%), and 9 patients with TMVL (10.1%).

--Starting in 1999, 15 of 45 patients had magnetic resonance imaging within 2 months of CRAO. 1 had evidence of asymptomatic diffusion restriction and 9 had a remote infarct.

The incidence of symptomatic ischemic stroke is 2.2% in the 15 days before and after a CRAO, according to this population-based analysis, which is slightly lower than most tertiary center studies. These findings should be taken into account as practice recommendations for neurovascular workup in patients with acute CRAO are produced.