Strokes In Young Adults Linked To COVID-19: Study
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A team of researchers has identified a link between coronavirus and stroke victims, especially in healthy young people. The global study led by researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem involved at least 136 medical centers in 32 countries.

Of the 380 patients who suffered a stroke while suffering from Covid-19, nearly 38 percent were asymptomatic to the coronavirus and had no recognizable symptoms from the virus such as cough or fever. The diagnosis came only after they were admitted to the hospital for stroke. The study led researchers to fear that the virus may increase the risk of stroke, even in people without chronic conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes.

Of the 432 patients, 323 had an acute ischemic stroke, 91 had intracranial hemorrhage, and 18 had cerebral venous or sinus thrombosis. The younger patients with ischemic strokes had no known existence of the types of classical risk factors that contribute to the onset of strokes such as vascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or smoking, the report said.

"This study further strengthened our understanding of the link between coronavirus and stroke in young patients," said Ronen Leker, a professor from the varsity. "In the future, we recommend performing PCR tests routinely on all young stroke patients, especially those who have had a stroke, especially in those with no known pathologies," Leker added.

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