Struma Ovarii with Ascites and Elevated CA-125
The clinico-radiological diagnosis of adenexal mass with elevated CA -125 and ascites may be suggestive of malignancy. Struma ovarii is a rare monodermal teratoma and accounts for 3% of all mature teratomas. Many of them are asymptomatic and difficult to diagnose preoperatively. If we could diagnose preoperatively, we can avoid radical operation for these benign tumors especially in young patients. Although struma ovarii contains thyroid tissue, only 5% of the cases have features of hyperthyroidism.

Case Report
A 38 year-old sterilised parous lady was admitted with history of abdominal distension, difficulty in breathing and dyspepsia for the past one week. Her menstrual cycles were regular with average flow. She underwent appendicectomy 4 years ago. Clinical evaluation revealed ascites with normal uterus and left adnexal mass....