Study: Chronic thrombocytopenia and in-hospital outcomes aft
This study aims to describe the characteristics, trend and outcomes of cTCP in patients undergoing THA and TKA from a nationally reprehensive perspective. Lack of data on the influence of chronic thrombocytopenia (cTCP) on clinical outcomes following primary total hip arthroplasty (THA) and knee arthroplasty (TKA).

Researchers identified THA and TKA patients with and without cTCP. Annual percent changes were calculated to reflect cTCP trends. Multivariable regression and propensity score analyses were conducted to investigate the association of cTCP and mortality, preoperative complications, cost as well as length of stay (LOS).

--In total, 578278 and 1237331 patients underwent primary THA and TKA, respectively.

--Proportion of cTCP annually increased by 6.95% in THA and 6.66% in TKA. Patients with cTCP were associated with higher risk of medical and surgical complications in THA, and higher risk of mortality, medical and surgical complications in TKA.

--Additionally, higher cost and longer LOS were observed in patients with cTCP for both surgical procedures.

Patients with cTCP were eventually at increased risk of TKA mortality, with further perioperative problems for both TKA and THA.