Study: Evaluation of One-Muscle Surgery in 15–25 Prism Diopt
A Study was conducted to prospectively evaluate the results of one-muscle surgery in 15– 25 prism diopters (PD) horizontal comitant strabismus in adults.

15– 25 PD horizontal strabismus patients, comprising 25 exotropic (XT) patients and 11 esotropic (ET) patients, who underwent one-muscle recession with a fixed surgical dosage were included in the study with a minimum follow-up of 3 months. The main outcome was a surgical success, which is defined as a residual deviation of less than 8 PD at the last examination. Other parameters include postoperative lateral incomitance and patient satisfaction.

--Successful alignment was obtained in 19 and 9 XT and ET patients, with a median and interquartile range (IQR) of follow-up time of 3, 3– 3 months and 3, 3– 7 months, respectively.

--Postoperative lateral incomitance was observed in 8 XT patients and in 1 ET patient.

--1 XT patient and 1 ET patient who developed incomitance reported diplopia, which disappeared 3 months after surgery.

--1 XT patient reported diplopia while gazing towards the operated eye whilst 1 ET patient reported diplopia occasionally which was unrelated to gaze direction.

Finally, one-muscle recession with a defined surgical dosage was found to be an effective treatment for small angle horizontal strabismus, with a high rate of surgical success and patient satisfaction. Despite the presence of postoperative lateral incomitance, only a few individuals had symptomatic diplopia, which disappeared three months after surgery.