Study: Long-Term Suture Breakage observed After Scleral Fixa
A Study was conducted to investigate the long-term risk of suture breakage after implantation of a modified capsular tension ring (MCTR) fixated to the sclera with polypropylene 10– 0 suture.

Retrospective case series of operations for subluxated phakic lenses with implantation of an MCTR secured with a 10– 0 polypropylene suture was done as part of an intraocular lens (IOL)-capsular bag complex.

--Researchers identified 132 eyes operated on with an MCTR. Of these eyes, 26 had suture breakage requiring re-operation, while another eight eyes (6%) had suture breakage that did not require surgery.

--The re-operations occurred after a mean 4.8± 3.3 years. Suture breakage occurred in patients with a mean age of 34.0± 23.3, as compared to 43.2± 26.0 years for patients who did not experience this complication.

--In patients aged 40 years or younger at the time of surgery, 47% experienced suture breakage in one or both eyes, as compared to 19% in the age group 41– 69 years and 13% in the age group 70 years and older.

--Of the 132 eyes that were operated on, we registered one case (0.8%) of possible suture-related late endophthalmitis.

Finally, after the scleral fixation of the MCTR in this patient cohort, the long-term risk of the suture breaking was considerably high and the risk appears to rise with a young age.