Study: Structural Lung Disease following Allergic Bronchopul
ABPA complicating Cystic Fibrosis is frequently associated with significant structural lung damage as assessed by CT scanning.

Using a validated CF scoring system researchers examined the degree of structural lung disease in a group of 25 children with CF who had received steroid therapy for ABPA (CF-ABPA) and compared our findings to a matched group of CF patients without ABPA using both cross section and longitudinal analysis.

--Mean SLD score (expressed as a percentage of maximal score) was significantly higher (worse) in the CF-ABPA group than the CF-CON group.

--CF-ABPA patients showed significantly greater rate of development of structural lung disease over time than CF-CON patients.

--No correlation was found between lung function and the degree of structural lung disease.

In conclusion, ABPA is associated with much higher structural lung damage in children with CF than in children with CF who do not have ABPA. Despite interventive steroid therapy, lung disease progresses more quickly in ABPA and CF patients than in control CF patients.