Study finds, Anti-tubercular therapy alone for treatment of
A Study was conducted to compare the time to resolution of perivascular infiltrates in tubercular retinal vasculitis (TRV) between anti-tubercular therapy (ATT) alone, and in combination with systemic corticosteroids.

Observational retrospective cohort study in a tertiary eye centre in eastern India. Patients with TRV who were treated with anti-tubercular therapy (ATT) alone (Group A), or in combination with systemic corticosteroids (Group B) were included in the study. Eyes with additional inflammatory signs were excluded. Resolution was defined as complete disappearance of perivascular infiltrates on seven-field fundus photographs.

A linear mixed effects model was applied to adjust for intereye correlations, in patients with bilateral disease.

--50 eyes of 39 patients (Group A 21/18 and Group B 29/21) were included. Both groups had similar demographics and severity of vasculitis.

--All patients had complete resolution of TRV. On adjusting for intereye correlation, the mean difference in time to resolution between the two groups (Group A, 3.24 months and Group B, 4.76 months) was not statistically significant (0.96 weeks).

--Vaso-occlusive complications and healing patterns were similar in both groups.

Conclusively, ATT alone, may be sufficient for resolution of perivascular infiltrates, in TRV without additional inflammatory signs.