Study finds, Association of Maternal perceived stress and th
A Study was conducted to determine whether perceived stress is associated with preterm birth (PTB) and to investigate racial differences in stress and PTB.

A secondary analysis of a prospective cohort study of 1911 women with singleton pregnancies examined responses to psychosocial stress questionnaires at 16–20 weeks of gestation.

--High perceived stress (19%) and PTB (10.8%) were prevalent in this sample (62% non-Hispanic Black).

--Women with PTB were more likely to be Black, have chronic hypertension (cHTN), pregestational diabetes, and higher BMI.

--Women with high perceived stress had more PTBs than those with lower stress, and stress was associated with higher odds of PTB.

Because there is a link between high perceived stress and PTB, prenatal therapies to reduce maternal stress may enhance the mental health of pregnant women and lead to lower PTB rates.