Study finds, Efficacy and Safety of the Susanna Glaucoma Dra
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This study found SGDD implant as Efficient and Safe alternative for refractory glaucoma. The purpose of this study was to determine the success and complications rates of the SGDD implant in refractory glaucoma.

The research included medical reports from all consecutive refractory glaucoma patients (failed trabeculectomies with adjunctive mitomycin) seen in a private clinical practice. The study included all patients who had undergone SGDD implant surgery. The same surgeon performed all of the operations (R.S.).

Primary outcome was surgical failure, defined as intraocular pressure (IOP) more than 18 mm Hg and/or less than 20% IOP reduction from baseline, IOP less than 5 mm Hg, reoperation for glaucoma, need of implant removal or loss of light perception vision. Secondary outcomes included mean IOP, use of supplemental medical therapy, and complications.

--In all, 22 eyes were analyzed. Mean IOP decreased from 23±7 to 11±8 mm Hg at an average of 18±9 months after the tube implant. The mean SD number of glaucoma medications was reduced from 3.3±1 to 1.5±1.2 at the last postoperative visit.

--No early postoperative complications occurred. There was 1 case of late persistent hypotony in a patient with previous endocyclophotocoagulation that was solved with tube ligature with silk 8-0.

--Failure because of high IOP occurred in 2 cases. There was no extrusion or erosion of the tube and the plate.

Conclusively, the SGDD presented a 13.6% failure rate (86.4% success rate) with very few complications, being an efficient and safe alternative for refractory glaucoma.