Study finds, Impact of Antibiotic pretreatment on cultures i
Delay in therapy for pediatric osteomyelitis or septic arthritis might alter the outcome, and receiving antibiotics before a culture can affect the outcomes. The goal of the study was to see if pathogen identification was reduced in cultures that had been pretreated with antibiotics.

Researchers conducted a retrospective cohort study of 584 hospitalized children between 30?days and 18?years of age. Logistic regression assessed the effect of antibiotic duration on blood, bone, joint aspirate, and “other” culture positivity.

--Overall, 42% of blood cultures, 70% of bone cultures, 39% of joint cultures, and 70% of “other” cultures were positive.

--Compared with children who did not receive antibiotics prior to culture, there were no significant differences in odds of a positive culture in children whose cultures were pretreated with antibiotics for any of the culture types for bone cultures, for joint cultures.

--Furthermore, the duration (hours) of antibiotics in the pretreated cultures was also not a significant predictor of culture positivity.

Culture positive was not linked with antibiotic pretreatment in any of the samples, even for extended durations of antibiotics prior to culture. Early antibiotic initiation may not influence culture positive in pediatric patients hospitalized with osteomyelitis and/or septic arthritis.