Study finds, Impacts of Face Mask Use on Standard Automated
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The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) spreads quickly across the world, resulting in a large-scale outbreak. Face masks are an important tool for slowing the spread of the disease since it is easily transmitted. The aim of this study is to see how wearing a face mask affects the results of standard automated perimetry (SAP) in glaucoma patients.

All follow-up glaucoma patients who underwent SAP between May and October 2020 were enrolled in this study. In patients with low test reliability and/or visual field changes, SAP was repeated after repositioning and taping patient's face masks.

--A total of 127 patients (59 female and 68 male) with a mean age of 59.8±10.3 years were included in the study. While 101 patients (79.5%) wore surgical face masks, 26 patients (20.5%) wore cloth face masks.

--Low SAP reliability appeared in 23 patients, and inferior visual field defects were present in 3 patients.

--The main effects of poorly fitting face masks on SAP reliability were increased fixation losses and false-positive errors.

--Low SAP reliability was significantly higher in patients wearing cloth face masks than in those wearing surgical face masks (47.8% vs. 9.9%).

--The face mask–related fogging of eyeglasses before SAP is a strong predictor of fogging of the trial lenses–related low SAP reliability (odds ratio: 27).

--In all repeated SAPs, the patient's reliability parameters improved, and inferior visual field artifacts disappeared.

Finally, improper face masks can result in visual field artifacts, which can be misinterpreted as glaucoma progression or poor test reliability. Taping the upper edges of the face mask is a safe way to avoid visual field artifacts and improve test reliability.