Study finds, Less strength of Minimal Graft site morbidity u
A Study was conducted to quantify the effect on strength of semitendinosus (ST) graft harvest by comparing isokinetic and isometric muscle strength.

A cohort of 140 patients underwent anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction (ACLR) and were randomized to ipsilateral or contralateral ST graft harvest. Isokinetic and isometric muscle strength testing using a dynamometer were collected for the operated and non-operated leg. Patients were assessed pre-surgery and at 6, 12 and 24 months after reconstruction.

--ST graft harvest reduced isokinetic flexion muscle strength for 6 months.

--At 12 months follow up there was no significant difference between the two groups and they were all stronger than pre-injury.

--No other significant differences were found in any primary or secondary outcome measurements.

Conclusively, Solitary ST graft harvest does not appear to result in a permanent reduced isometric or isokinetic quadriceps muscle strength on the side where the graft is harvested. A reduction in hamstring muscle strength of less than 10% can be seen at short-term follow-up with full recovery by 12 months. Most patients report little or no donor site pain. Given these findings, ST autograft is an alternative graft choice that could be used for various reconstructions in terms of donor site morbidity.