Study finds, Multiligamentous knee surgery has low intraoper
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Researchers sought to determine the rate of intraoperative and early postoperative (90-day) complications of multiligamentous knee reconstruction surgeries, both medical and surgical, and associated variables.

Patients who underwent multiligament knee surgery were identified. Inclusion criteria included intervention with 2+ ligament reconstructions performed concurrently, and more than 90 days postoperative follow-up. Patient demographics, mechanism of injury, and associated injuries of patients with intraoperative and postoperative complications, time from injury to multiligamentous knee reconstruction, and surgical data, including tourniquet time, procedure time, and type of procedures performed were retrospectively recorded.

--301 knees in 296 patients met the eligibility criteria. There were 11 intraoperative complications in 9 knees (rate of 3%) and 136 postoperative complications in 90 knees (rate of 30%).

--Shorter time from injury to date of surgery was associated with arthrofibrosis and superficial wound infections.

--Concurrent head injuries were associated with less complications. Procedural time more than 300 minutes was associated with intraoperative blood transfusions, deep infections and arthrofibrosis.

--Inside-out meniscal repair was associated with superficial and deep infections.

--Tibial-based posterolateral corner (PLC) reconstruction was associated with symptomatic hardware and arthrofibrosis in comparison with fibular-based PLC reconstruction.

--Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) reconstruction was associated with deep infections, arthrofibrosis, and postoperative blood transfusions.

Finally, this data demonstrates that multiligament knee surgery results in a low intra-operative complication rate and a high rate of early post-operative complication. Surgeons are cautious of increased problems linked with long periods of intervention, meniscal rehabilitation inside out, reconstruction of Tibia, recreation of PCL and shorter surgeon times in intra-operative and post-operative procedures.