Study finds, Novel Surgical approach for big sheet allogenic
A novel approach for allogenic transplantation of big sheets of RPE-Bruch membrane complex was developed.

5×6 mm2 to 10×10 mm2 sheets of RPE-Bruch membrane complex were taken from donated eyes. Through a novel approach, the sheets of RPE -Bruch membrane complex were transplanted into subretinal space of 8 eyes (8 patients) with late-stage retinitis pigmentosa. The patients were followed up for 5±2 months.

--All RPE-Bruch membrane complexes were successfully inserted into the subretinal space during the surgery.

--Follow-up examinations also showed that the grafts attached well to the transplantation site. No rejection or retinal detachment was found.

Large sheets of allogenic RPE-Bruch membrane complexes could be smoothly inserted into the subretinal region using this approach. This innovative technique could be useful for transplanting large sheets of allogenic RPE or RPE produced from stem cells in the treatment of RP and other retinal dystrophic disorders.