Study finds, Outcomes Associated with a Novel, Prefabricated
This study reports outcomes for a novel, prefabricated, commercially available cement-on-cement articulating spacer. Various prefabricated articulating spacer options have been described for two-stage treatment of chronic periprosthetic joint infection (PJI), but their results are poorly generalizable between designs due to differing antibiotic and material properties.

A retrospective review of prospectively collected data for patients undergoing treatment with a prefabricated articulating cement spacer was performed. Outcomes were categorized as spacer complications, reimplantation rates, function, re-infection, and mortality.

--76 knees and 28 hips were analyzed. Spacer survival free of fracture, instability or other implant-related complication until reimplantation was 100%.

--There were no bony or spacer fractures during the interstage or reimplantation. Reimplantation occurred in 84.6% of resected joints.

--Following spacer implantation, all but one patient was allowed to bear weight.

--The proportion of patients requiring an assistive device decreased from 67% prior to resection to 31% following reimplantation.

--Knee flexion improved from an average of 88.1 degrees before resection to 111.9 degrees following reimplantation.

To summarize, this unique prefabricated articulating antibiotic spacer is safe, allows for good interstage function, and yields reasonable infection eradication rates at early follow-up.