Study finds, Outcomes of Cataract Surgery in eyes with previ
This study shows the visual and refractive outcomes of cataract surgery in patients with previous radial keratotomy (RK).

This is a retrospective case series of 100 eyes (65 patients) with previous RK who had undergone routine cataract surgery with a monofocal intraocular lens implant (IOL).

--Mean age at the time of surgery was 59.8 years; 39% eyes had ocular copathology.

--Best-corrected visual acuity improved from 0.30 to 0.06 in eyes without copathology, and from 0.56 to 0.20 in eyes with copathology.

--Haigis formula (19 eyes) resulted in a median prediction error of 0.31 D versus 0.55 D for Double-K SRK/T (55 eyes) and +0.93 D for SRK/T (18 eyes).

--At the final follow-up, 52.6% eyes were within 0.5 D and 68.4% within 1 D of the predicted spherical equivalent for Haigis, versus 32.7% and 52.7% for Double-K SRK/T, and 27.8% and 38.9% for SRK/T. The most frequent complication was RK incision dehiscence.

In conclusion, significantly fewer eyes with prior RK developed unaided distance visual acuity sufficient for spectacle independence. Surgeons should be aware of the increased risk of wound dehiscence and schedule their operations accordingly. The Haigis method had a higher prediction of the postoperative spherical equivalent and has been the favored alternative for IOL computation in this group of patients since its introduction.