Study finds, Outcomes of gonioscopy-assisted transluminal tr
A Study was conducted to report on outcomes of gonioscopy-assisted transluminal trabeculotomy (GATT) in eyes with pseudoexfoliative glaucoma (PXG).

A total of 103 eyes from 84 patients with PXG were enrolled to undergo a 360-degree ab interno trabeculotomy with gonioscopic assistance using either a 5.0 polypropylene suture or an illuminated microcatheter with up to 24 months of follow-up. Main outcome measures were intraocular pressure, number of antiglaucoma medications, success rate (IOP reduction more than 20% from baseline or IOP between 6 and 21 mm Hg, without further glaucoma surgery) and complication rate.

--Mean preoperative IOP was 27.1 mm Hg using 2.9 (SD 1.1) glaucoma medications which decreased postoperatively to 13.0 mm Hg and 1.0 medications at 24 months.

--Success rate was 89.2% at 24 months of follow-up, and complication rate was 2.9%.

Conclusively, at 24 months of follow-up, these results for GATT in PXG demonstrates that this conjunctival sparing procedure effectively lowers IOP and reduces the medications with a low complication rate, in this relatively aggressive glaucoma subtype.