Study finds, Predictors of Acute compartment syndrome of the
Following tibial plateau fractures, acute compartment syndrome (ACS) is an underappreciated consequence. Understanding the determinants of ACS in the lower leg following a tibial plateau fracture can help with early detection and surgical fasciotomy. The goal of this research was to determine the frequency of ACS in those who had tibial plateau fractures and to look for any predictors of ACS.

A total of 1119 consecutive patients (1119 fractures) were included. Associated predictors included gender, age, fracture pattern (open or closed), mechanisms of injury, fracture classification, and underlying disease.

--Of the 1119 fractures of the tibial plateau, 35 developed an acute compartment syndrome.

--On multivariate analysis, only younger patient age, and Schatzker VI type fracture were significantly associated with the development of ACS. Other variables did not reach statistical significance.

Conclusively, younger patient age and Schatzker VI type fracture were predictors of ACS of the lower leg in adults following tibial plateau fractures.