Study finds, Relationship of Enhanced Liver Fibrosis Score w
Researchers aimed to study the diagnostic performance of the enhanced liver fibrosis score (ELF) for detecting different stages of fibrosis and its usefulness in detecting histological response to vitamin E or metformin in children with NAFLD who participated in the TONIC trial.

ELF was measured at baseline and weeks 24, 48, and 96 on sera from 166 TONIC participants. Associations between ELF with baseline and end of treatment (EOT) fibrosis stages and other histological features were assessed using chi-square tests and logistic regression models.

--ELF was significantly associated with severity of fibrosis at baseline and EOT.

--ELF areas under the curve for discriminating patients with clinically significant and advanced fibrosis were 0.70 and 0.79 respectively.

--A one unit drop in ELF at EOT was associated with overall histological improvement, resolution of steatohepatitis, improvement in steatosis grade and hepatocellular ballooning, but not with improvement in fibrosis stage.

In conclusion, ELF was linked to the stage of fibrosis in children who took part in TONIC. A decrease in ELF at EOT was associated with NASH resolution and improvement in NAFLD histology, but not with fibrosis improvement. ELF could be a good non-invasive way to track how well children with NAFLD are responding to treatment.