Study finds, Scleral Fixation of a Toric Lens to Treat Corne
A Study was conducted to describe the surgical technique and report short-term visual outcomes after suture-fixation of a single-piece eyelet-toric (SET) intraocular lens (IOL) for treatment of concurrent aphakia and astigmatism.

The study included 11 eyes that had successful SETs. Eligible eyes with a minimum symmetrical corneal astigmatic of 1.75 diopters suffered loss of capsular support, or had aphakia (D). The measurements comprised uncorrected visual acuity distance (UDVA), corrected visual acuity distance (CDVA), residual cylinders magnitude and SET procedure problems.

--Preoperative UDVA and CDVA in logMAR scale were 1.46 and 0.45, respectively.

--Mean preoperative keratometric and refractive cylinder were 3.67 D and 2.52D, respectively.

--Postoperative UDVA and CDVA were 0.51 and 0.27, respectively, three months after surgery (POM3). Residual refractive cylinder at POM3 was 0.93 D.

SET lowered refractive cylinders and improved UDVA and CDVA, in particular. Using ready-to-use IOL and familiar SET manoeuvres the surgeons may adjust SET.