Study finds, Various prism adaptation forms in the surgical
A Study was conducted to evaluate the outcome in participants who underwent surgery for esophoria following one of three different methods of preoperative prism adaptation test (PAT).

116 participants were included and allocated to three groups as per investigator choice: Group 1 (n = 55) had a short prism adaptation period ranging from 1 to 5 hours during their visit at the clinic. Group 2 (n = 36) underwent partial prism correction for at least 4 weeks before surgery. Group 3 (n = 25) underwent full prism correction for at least 4 weeks before surgery.

--A significant increase in AOD after PAT was observed in all groups, with no significant difference between groups.

--Motoric and sensoric success was comparable between groups 3 months and 1 year after surgery.

--Prolonged prism adaptation (n = 24) for more than 365 days was not associated with better results.

In conclusion, this study shows that, for at least one year after surgery, the postoperative result is unaffected by the duration and degree (partial or full correction) of prism adaptation prior to surgery. Longer prism adaptation (greater than 365 days) prior to surgery had no effect on the outcome