Study finds 'disturbingly' high levels of 'ugly cholesterol'
New research shows that levels of remnant particle cholesterol, also known as "ugly cholesterol," in the blood are much higher than experts previously thought. This research explored the link between remnant cholesterol and cardiovascular disease and came to an alarming conclusion. The team used data from the Copenhagen General Population Study, which included cholesterol specific test results from around 9,000 people.

Using an advanced measuring method called metabolomics, researchers were able to identify the amounts of good, bad, and "ugly" cholesterol within each sample. They found that equal parts of all of these types of cholesterol make up total cholesterol, which means that the impact of having higher levels of ugly cholesterol is much greater than scientists previously thought.

Prof. Nordestgaard notes that with the new knowledge the team gleaned from this study, the prevention of cardiovascular disease should not only focus on LDL cholesterol, as that is not the only type that can lead to health issues.

"So far, both cardiologists and [physicians] have focused mostly on reducing LDL cholesterol, but in the future, the focus will also be on reducing triglycerides and remnant cholesterol," he says.

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