Subacute carbon monoxide poisoning presenting as vertigo and
Published in the Journal of Surgery Case Reports, the authors present a case of a 38-year-old lady presenting with a 4-month history of vertigo and hearing loss. Initially diagnosed as Meniere’s disease, the patient was investigated and followed up in the clinic.

She reported leakage of carbon monoxide from her gas fire identified during a routine safety check. Her symptoms fully resolved after disconnecting the faulty gas fire. A rare cause of fluctuating hearing loss and vertigo is described, and the diagnostic challenges are discussed.

The presence of episodic vertigo and fluctuating low frequency hearing loss, raised the possibility of Meniere’s disease. She was commenced on regular betahistine 16 mg three times a day.

The patient returned after 3 months for a review and informed no noticeable change in her symptoms. Pure tone audiogram revealed an improvement and the bone conduction thresholds in the right ear were 25–30 dB. The left ear hearing remained normal. A neurologist’s consultation was requested and reported as normal.

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