Successful Mx of extreme metabolic alkalosis and AKI: a case
Repeated vomiting may lead to profound loss of fluid and electrolytes. Published in the Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine, the authors describe a case with life-threatening acid-base disturbances due to vomiting.

A 38-year-old man presented to an emergency department with weakness and decreased urine output after having vomited up to 20 times per day over a period of 7 days. Arterial blood gas analysis revealed a metabolic alkalosis with partial respiratory compensation.

Initial management consisted of oxygen therapy and intravenous fluid therapy with normal saline and potassium chloride. To prevent further gastric losses of HCl, proton-pump inhibitors and metoclopramide were administered.

The vomiting was caused most likely by a temporary duodenal stenosis due to portal hypertension of unknown etiology.

Major takeaway:-
- This case demonstrates the successful management of a life-threatening condition by simple measures.

-Despite extensive diagnostic procedures, the effective treatment of the underlying condition consisted of watchful waiting.

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