Successful conservative surgical management of ovarian mucin
Here presents a interesting case of surgical management of Ovarian mucinous cystadenoma with silent torsion in a 24 years old pregnant woman in a tertiary care center in Delhi in IJRCOG.

An antenatal woman came for a routine visit to the OPD of the hospital at 13 weeks gestation. She had a vague, mild pain in her lower abdomen since the last four weeks. A cystic mass was discovered during an abdominal examination.

Further on sonography, a multiseptated cystic mass was seen, likely to be mucinous cystadenoma. Routine tumor markers came out to be negative. A laparotomy was planned for 15 weeks. On laparotomy a 20 × 15 cm multiloculated cyst with one and half turns of torsion was found. Detorsion, cystectomy of the intact cyst followed by ovarian reconstruction was done after due consent. On histopathological examination the cyst was found to be Benign mucinous cystadenoma. The pregnancy continued without any adverse effects. The woman delivered vaginally at 38 weeks without any feto-maternal complications. She was able to conceive again spontaneously at 18 months post-delivery. After 16 weeks of gestation in the second pregnancy she went to her hometown and no further follow-up was possible.

This case emphasizes the importance of a thorough examination in all pregnant woman to rule out any adnexal mass separate from the gravid uterus. Big ovarian masses in pregnancy, if not diagnosed can cause growth retardation, preterm deliveries, acute abdomen due to infection, rupture or torsion. Sonography, MRI and tumor markers can facilitate diagnosis before surgery. Torsion and rupture of mucinous cystadenoma need prompt surgery. Wherever possible conservative surgery (detorsion and cystectomy) should be done especially in young women.