Successful pregnancy in secondary lymphoma of ovaries
The present case has been reported in the Annals of Emergency Medicine.

A 30-year-old woman at 29 weeks’ gestation presented to the emergency department with sudden right-sided abdominal pain. She had a tender abdomen and a WBC count of 14.2×109/L.

Emergency transvaginal ultrasonography revealed a well-defined mass with follicles, and with obvious vascularity in the right abdomen. There was a similar mass behind the cervix. Pelvic MRI showed that both ovaries were enlarged, with uneven signal

The patient was hospitalized but did not improve with conservative management, and repeated ultrasonography several days later showed unchanged masses. The serum cancer antigen 125 level was 376 U/mL. At 30 weeks, a viable baby weighing 1,550 g was delivered and both ovaries were resected.

Histopathologic examination confirmed the masses as large B-cell lymphoma of both ovaries. Positron emission computed tomography revealed widespread dissemination, and the patient began receiving chemotherapy.

Case takeaways:-
- Secondary large B-cell lymphoma of both ovaries in pregnancy is rare.

- The prognosis of large B-cell lymphoma depends on early diagnosis and the capacity to tolerate aggressive chemotherapy.

- It also has to take into account the risk of fetal loss, particularly during the first trimester

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